Bob and Karen

Hi Sharon, Fairmont Homes have done an amazing job, the house looks fantastic – we are very happy. Could not have got thru it without John Davey – what a lovely guy, even when we were freaking out – he was so patient & calm, John gave us confidence with his expertise for such a challenging renovation. It has been a pleasure doing business with John & we cannot thank him or praise him enough. Michael Avinou another wonderful person, he was excellent to work with, he did a great job of getting our design down on the plans.All the guys have done a great job & been really nice especially James & Dan. Rodd has done a fantastic job with the doors & timberwork. The roof guys did a spectacular job, they must be magicians it was so out of whack & it looks perfect now. Mick did a great job with the all the gutters & downpipes. Edelcio has to be the best renderer in Sydney his work is beautiful, he made it look like a concrete house which is exactly what we wanted. We would like to thank Tom & Diana for taking on such a challenging renovation & bringing our dream to life. Please also thank Tom for being such an honest fair person & for having a great team of people working for him. Thank you for all your help thru this Sharon, it is always a pleasure to deal with someone who is efficient & knows what they are doing & that’s you Sharon We wish Fairmont Homes all the success it deserves. When I find the timeā€¦I will put a great review on the Homeone Website highly recommending Fairmont Homes. Thank You All So Much Karen & Bob