Truecore Steel Frames

Truecore Steel Frames

Construction of houses and buildings in general, have evolved over the years to meet the standards of economic and environmental factors. Construction materials have undergone changes due to preservation, quality and cost factors.

Using TRUECORE® steel Frames can speed up construction, due to the frames, joists and trusses arrive to site pre-fabricated. In inclement weather, there are no issues with materials stored. Because of steel’s strength and strict quality controls, there will be no time lost replacing materials due to warp or twisting.

True Blue Steel Frames are our trusted partner for steel frames, delivering TRUECORE® steel Frames that not only provide structural integrity but also offer unmatched durability and resistance.

Truecore Steel Frames
Truecore Steel Frames

Benefits of
Steel Frames

There are many benefits as to why we also choose to use house frames made from TRUECORE® steel.

  • Will not twist, warp or shrink.
  • Are non-combustible and won’t contribute to house fires.
  • Its superior strength ensures its longevity.
  • Our frames, trusses and joists are specially designed using our CAD design and engineering software.
  • Customisable lengths are light weight.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • 100% Termite and borer proof.
  • TRUECORE® steel isn’t treated with insecticides, so it’s an ideal choice if you want to minimise the use of insecticides when building your home.

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